Wednesday, October 12, 2011

OPHCRACK reset windows password (vista,7,xp)

Download the LIVE CD and burn it.

1. Boot your computer with the LIVE CD.
2. Choose graphic mode - automatic.
3. It will load the GUI of ophcrack and will run the service.
- In few cases, it will prompt you "not tables found". To solve this, you need analyze your computer.
1. right click on the desktop and go to terminal.
2. in the terminal, use root as the user. Type "su" and the password is "root"
password: root
3. list the mount info. Type "ls /mnt". This will display your filesystem.
#ls /mnt
sda2 sda3
4. Type "df" to check which filesystem is using windows system(where your windows is installed. In our example, windows system is installed on sda2.
5. Mount the your cdrom to the filesystem that is using windows system. Type "mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/sda2"
6. After mounting, run the again.
7. You're done!
4. Wait for OPHCRACK to recover your password.
5. After some time (depending on the strength of your password), it will show you the password.

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